Office Furniture Installation Project Management


It starts with that first conversation. We listen and learn about your business needs. After working with you to get your office design and layout just right and the furniture or workstations perfectly selected to suit your business needs, it comes down to this—delivery and installation day. The time has arrived to see your vision come to life. Are you ready?

Getting your space ready for office cubicle or workstation installation.

The DOS Office Systems’ installation team brings over 75 years of combined furniture installation experience to your office every time. Our uniformed delivery and installation team is serious about getting your project completed in order to prevent disruption to your employees and their productivity. In order to provide the most efficient installation, we ask our customers to run through this quick checklist so there are no delays. If there is something on the list that needs to be done, we can do it! Simply call or email your workspace consultant for a quick quote and we’ll add and schedule the additional service to your job.

·         Have the certificate of insurance requirements or building requirements been provided?

·         Is construction complete? If trades people are still working in the area, your installation will be delayed.

·         Elevator to and from office floor should be reserved with your property management.

·         Is the space clean and clear? Be sure to remove all furniture, moving boxes and office equipment from the installation area and pathways. If you need help with this, please contact your workspace consultant for a quick quote and we’ll add it to the schedule so there are no unexpected delays.

·         Has cabling and electrical been installed? Be sure all voice, data and electrical wires are prepared before installation of panels go against the wall. If using a power pole, be sure the wires have been pulled to the location and are ready to be incorporated into the installation. If you need help, contact your workspace consultant or the ROSI data cabling team in order to receive a quote and easily incorporate cabling installation with your project.

Getting your office space ready for office furniture installation

Whether we’re delivering and installing office furniture for a training room, reception area, office or breakroom, you can count on white glove delivery and professional service. When our team arrives with your new furniture, we’ll get to work right away setting up and installing your new furniture. For the fastest installation and delivery, make sure the items below have been addressed. If you need assistance with anything on the list, simply call or email your workspace consultant for a quick quote and we’ll add and schedule the additional service to your job.

·         Installation space should be clear of any existing furniture, moving boxes or office equipment.

·         Pathways to and from installation area should be clear.

·         Elevator to and from office floor should be reserved with your property management.

This is what our delivery and installation team has trained for throughout their careers. With the above preparations, our professional and knowledgeable delivery and installation team will arrive on time to build the vision you’ve worked hard to create.

Need More Information?

At a small company, everyone tends to wear many hats. As a business owner, manager, or executive assistant, an office furniture installation project may fall on your to-do list. However, where do you even begin? Without a clear-cut plan and direction, you may find yourself wasting valuable time hunting down answers. That is why it can be difficult to get a new office furniture or office workstation project off the ground, let alone completed. Even if your company is larger and has a dedicated facilities manager or a buyer, there is often much more involved in a project than buying office furniture and having it delivered.

No matter the size of your company, at DOS, we recognize the limitations you and your staff may be up against. That is why DOS provides complete project management services from inception to completion of your office plan. Details make a new office plan or office upgrade great. Our goal is to hammer out the details and navigate a seamless process that eliminates or minimizes downtime for you and your employees. We focus on the details while you focus on your business.

Our trained team of project managers provide the following services:

  1. Set project goals and timelines based on project objectives. In addition, we’ll manage those goals and timelines for you with a punch list and complete follow-through on all punch list items.
  2. Provide delivery status after order entry prior to the installation. A smooth delivery and installation requires communication and planning.
  3. Complete Certificate of Insurance documents for building management. Don’t worry, we can take the lead and get the documents in place so there are no delays.
  4. Coordinate electrical and data cabling vendors that work in conjunction with our team. Don’t let critical infrastructure slip through the cracks. We’ll make sure your space is wired and ready.
  5. Verify critical dimensions prior to installation to prevent access issues. Measuring more than the office space is important. We’ll make sure your office furniture makes it inside.
  6. Provide status and photos throughout the installation so you’re informed.
  7. Perform a final walk-though after all punch list items have been completed.

With DOS in your back pocket during your office furniture project, we’ll be right there when things go wrong, too. Projects sometimes run into bumps along the way, and in nearly 25 years, we’ve run into some ourselves. Mistakes lead to meaningful learning opportunities, so we can confidently lead you through the process with the wisdom our own experience has taught. And, if we make a mistake, we will own up to it and fix it without hesitation to keep your project moving forward.

When there isn’t enough time to accomplish everything on your to-do list, we’re here and ready to see your office furniture installation project through all the way. This is what we do every single day. We will take your ideas and add our expertise to complete your project on time and within budget with minimal interruption to business operations. With your own personal Workspace Consultant managing the project, imagine all you’ll accomplish with the extra time on your hands?