5 Kinds of Office Chairs for Your South Florida Office

Back in 1907, “The right tool for the right job” was popularized as a slogan for an American tool company. You might not think of your office chairs as tools, but they can be a critical part of your office’s productivity.

Task Chairs & Desk Chairs: Office Chairs to Facilitate Work in Weston & Pompano Beach

Legend has it that Charles Darwin added wheels to a chair in his study in order to move more quickly between the specimens he was analyzing. This was the first step in the evolution of office chairs.

Over the years, more adaptations have been made to office chairs. Just like Darwin’s chair, task chairs are equipped with casters, so users can easily move between different tasks in a Hollywood or Palm Beach workspace. As these chairs evolved, they also started to feature adaptations such as armrests, lumbar supports, and adjustable height. Direct Office Solutions stocks a large inventory of task chairs with every feature you could want—at affordable prices.

Desk chairs are similar to task chairs, with even more features that make them comfortable for long periods of sitting and working at a computer. These adjustable chairs save the CPAs in your Boca Raton accounting firm from repetitive stress injuries, even during tax season. Direct Office Solutions supplies desk chairs that can prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for your Palm Beach computer programmers.

Chairs for Meetings in Hollywood & Plantation: Executive Office Chairs & Conference Chairs

C-level executives might spend less time typing than their cubicle-dwelling counterparts, but they still face long hours at the office. Direct Office Solutions has the executive office chairs that provide the creature comforts to get through those twelve-hour days—and their lavish upholstery blends right into your office décor for a polished, professional look.

Conference chairs are office chairs designed specifically for meeting attendees. When it’s time for a conference in Weston, a planning session in Plantation, or a brainstorm in Boca Raton, conference chairs from Direct Office Solutions can keep you and your guests comfortable with their armrests, high backs, and supportive seats…even when the discussions drag on for hours.

Guest Reception Chairs: Office Chairs for Visitors in Boca Raton & Palm Beach

For visitors to a medical office in Boca Raton, a real estate office in Palm Beach, or a financial services office in Plantation, some of the most important chairs are the guest reception chairs. These office chairs tend to be less adjustable than the typical desk chair or task chair. However, they are still designed to be comfortable for brief periods of sitting, accommodating your visitors in a waiting room or other reception area.

Often, guest reception chairs look more like the wing chairs or armchairs you might find in someone’s living room than office chairs used by workers at desks. Direct Office Solutions provides many choices—styles in vinyl or leather upholstery, custom fabrics, and wood or metal trim to match the ambiance of your space

Whatever kind of office chairs you need to welcome visitors and provide support for workers, Direct Office Solutions can supply them! Call us at (954) 440-4410 to learn more about the wide variety of office chairs we carry.