Finding the Best Office Chairs for Your Employees

To sit or to stand, that is the question. At least it is these days. Eight in ten office workers spend between four and nine hours a day sitting at their desks – equating to around 67 sedentary days annually. That is a lot of time spent sitting in not always comfortable office chairs. Let alone, the fact that sitting for that amount of time is not very good for your health.

More and more businesses are making smarter investments into their employees with ergonomic office chairs. These chairs positively affect productivity, and most importantly, health. Improving posture using ergonomic chairs makes long days at the office easier, and can prevent serious back, neck and wrist injuries.

The perfect office chair also has the perfect seat height. If a chair is too high, blood circulation will be limited and pressure will be placed behind the knee. If a chair is too low, a person’s knees will be higher than his or her hips, causing strain on the body as an individual’s weight shifts back into the seat. A good ergonomic office chair will have adjustable seat height so a wide range of employees can use similar chairs.

The most important aspect in a quality office chair is back support. An ergonomic office chair should have proper lumbar support to maintain back health and to prevent discomfort and aches. This will keep employees happy and productive.

*As an added tip, have walking breaks where you and our employees take in the sunshine and get out of the office. Not only will they thank you for the mini-break, but also their body will too for the exercise and interruption from constant sitting.

Let the experts at Direct Office Solutions help your company find the perfect office chairs to make your employees comfortable. Look through our selection online or visit our showroom today!