Look to The Experts: Office Design and Space Planning

Updating and modernizing an office can be quite an undertaking. That is why the experts at Direct Office Solutions are here to help. The office space that you have in mind should be reflective of your business while creating the perfect atmosphere for success. Keep these tips in mind when meeting with our team to go over your company’s office design and space planning.

Office Design Around Your Brand Identity
A company name or logo is its identity. During the design process, make sure that the logo, tagline and company colors remain the prominent features. For example, if a company’s logo is green and black, executives might consider selecting green office chairs, black computers and green accents to decorate the workspace. Our office design and planning experts can help you select custom furniture during your free consultation that will resonate with employees and create a clean, creative environment that promotes success.

Employee Input
Is your business new or is it going through a redesign? If the company is remodeling, why not take into account how your employees feel about the current look and feel of the office while making office design and space planning decisions? They are the ones that have been spending hours each day looking at the same colors and enduring fluorescent light bulbs. Their input might have ideas on what could spark creativity. 

Reception Area – Making it Feel Like Home
The first thing clients see when they enter your office is the reception area. The office design and space planning experts at Direct Office Solutions will create a welcoming feeling from the comfortable chairs and tables to the detailing of the color of the reception desk. Create an office space that is certain to impress any potential client with modern desks, oversized chairs and branded color-schemes. 

Conference Room – The Center of it All
When meeting with our office design and space planning experts, don’t forget to discuss your company’s conference room. This is where the magic happens – this is the center of all of the client interactions and internal meetings. Creating a more modern feel in the conference room will impress clients and relay the impression of diving headlong into the future.

Ergonomic Office Chairs – Keeping Employees Comfortable
In today’s ages of commuting, co-working an traditional work-spaces, eight in ten office workers spend between four and nine hours a day sitting at their desks – equating to around 67 sedentary days annually. That is a lot of time in what could potentially be an uncomfortable chair. Selecting ergonomic office chairs can help make employees more productive, relaxed and prevent back injuries from prolonged sitting. Our experts can show you our warehouse during the design and planning process, which hosts a huge selection of new and used ergonomic chairs.

Make sure to call today to set up a free consultation with on of the office design and space planning experts at Direct Office Solutions. Let us help modernize and revitalize your business.