Compel Furniture Z Bench 2 Station

Compel Furniture Z Bench 2 Station
The zDesk patented system was created to meet the needs of today’s eco-savvy company. Made with recycled materials, the zDesk green workstation delivers sustainable form and function. The versatile and flexible streamlined design utilizes natural light and open spaces creating a warm and welcoming environment for any size space
Contract benching system InStock and ready to ship in 48 hours. It’s easy to create the right space with basic sizes and shapes. Integrate power and data easily with the center trough feature. Easy access through surface mounted flip up doors for better connectivity and less clutter. Divide spaces with screens, choose from frosted acrylic or tackable fabric.

•Efficient center beam provides storage for power/data and support for frames and screens
•Divide spaces with translucent and fabric screens
•Add space with L-shape returns and surface extensions
•Integral power solutions
•Mobile storage options
•Materials meet environmental standards for indoor air quality
•Made from recycled and recycleable materials
•Modular design enables easy expansion
•Match conference tables to workstations for a consistent flow

Surfaces: Basic White with Basic White edges
Frame: Powder Coat Basic White
Screens: Fabric or Frosted Acrylic with Aluminium Frame