Divi® Panel System

Divi delivers on all the positives of a 2″ panel-based open plan, with remarkable flexibility and simplicity.  There’s a Divi solution for practically every workspace need, making it the smart, scalable answer for individual and teams across your organization. Linear trim offers a streamlined aesthetic for cohesive design detail.


Support your company’s unique needs and personalize your interior with an inspiring menu of options. Divi now offers linear trim so you can create a streamlined aesthetic. The trim allows you to blend monolithic, segmented, glass and stack panels to support a variety of workstyles – from highly collaborative to virtually distraction-free. Upmounted storage and frameless glass increase privacy while freely brining daylight into the space.

In addition to far-reaching height and panel options, Divi provides tremendous planning flexibility. An innovative universal hinge allows you to create 90-, 120- and 135-degree configurations using a single platform, changing the look, feel and function of workstations to reflect the character and purpose of each space. Divi installs quickly, and you’ll appreciate how easily your future workstation moves, adds and changes will be

Divi is designed to readily accommodate height adjustable tables, giving users greater flexibility in choosing and changing postures throughout the day. Incorporate convenient Calibrate® Series pull-out storage to help delineate personal space while placing files and materials within easy reach.

No one has ever accused Divi of being socially awkward. That’s because it’s based on a standard 2″ panel system and scaled to match other AIS products. Divi easily forms the foundation of a unified yet varied workplace. Combine Divi with our Calibrate® Series laminate storage and Day-to-Day® tables to bring greater function and warmth to workstations—or give leadership offices greater prominence. Consider the Divi Gallery panels and screens to support user’s privacy and wellness.

From simple installation and a flexible platform that makes it easy to change direction as needed, to exceptional durability and generous raceways for your power, data or communications, Divi is designed to grow with you. Plus, it’s a system you can feel good about. Made with recycled material and using an environmentally friendly manufacturing process, Divi is also one of the most affordable system solutions in the industry.

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