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ESI offers solutions for as few as one to as many as six monitors. Should the needs of the user change, the Evolve series can easily be modified in the field to accommodate additional monitors and changing work environments.


Height adjustment Monitor arms offer various types of height adjustability. The most user-friendly option is dynamic height adjustment which allows the user to adjust the monitor height quickly and easily with just the touch of a finger.

Weight of monitor(s) ESI’s standard monitor arm configurations support the average monitor which weighs between 8-16 lbs. For heavier monitors and all-in-one PC’s, ESI recommends the Edge-Max series.

Size of monitor(s) Most users prefer to have their monitors side-by-side as close as possible with no gaps between them. The versatility of the ESI Evolve series allows up to 32″ monitors to fit sideby-side. Configurations that include a slider will provide additional horizontal adjustability, allowing monitors of varying sizes to fit together seamlessly.

Size and shape of the worksurface Shallow worksurface depths 24.0″ or less, are best suited for monitor arm configurations with fewer limbs or the Evolve slider. For applications that require extended reach, ESI recommends an Evolve configuration with multiple limbs. When positioning two or more monitors side-by-side in a 90º corner, the maximum monitor size will be reduced. Please contact our Customer Service Departement to discuss your specific applications and requirements.

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