Refurbishing & Reconfiguration

Sometimes you love a great piece of furniture, and you just can’t let it go. Well, with quality furniture, you shouldn’t have to; instead, you can refurbish it.

Your old, worn furniture can be upgraded and refreshed with reupholstering (new fabric), repainting, reshaping, resizing, or reconfiguring.

This way, a piece can move from one location to the next and still fit into its new surroundings—literally—even if its new home is smaller or shorter or has different physical requirements. With a few design adjustments, it can be lifted from one aesthetic and placed into a room with an entirely different style.

Refurbishing allows you to make the most of your furniture when you invest in high-quality pieces. Furniture is relied upon to provide comfort and support; it can also hold some of your most valuable possessions and most breakable equipment. You should feel confident investing in pieces that will last a long time, even if they need upgrades from time to time. In the long run, this decision is the most cost-effective solution that will also give your interior spaces the best look and feel.

Custom furniture creates unique spaces. Employees can feel demotivated in bland, impersonal rooms that are devoid of personality and inspiration. Clients are more enthused when they visit offices that showcase a strong sense of company culture. Small upgrades to existing furniture can create that unique vibe that will make you stand out from your competition. Personalizing your employees’ workspaces will invigorate your staff and keep company pride high.

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