Your conference table is the most important aspect of your conference room. From facilitating company meetings to impressing clients, your conference room is where the important decisions of your business are made. So, when it comes to selecting a new conference table for your office, you need to cover all your bases.


Conference Tables in Hollywood, Broward, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, WestonWhen selecting a conference table for your office you need to think first and foremost about functionality. Does your conference table have enough space to accommodate your team? Is the shape of your conference table ideal for your needs? Does your new conference table accommodate the technologies you need when conducting meetings?

Considering conference table functionality is key when selecting a new conference table for your office, as your conference table design is essential to the flow of your business meetings.


While the functionality of your conference table is important, it also needs to look great. An attractive conference table can make a good first impression on potential clients and add aesthetic appeal to your office.


In addition to style and function, conference tables add money-saving value to your business. Owning your own conference table eliminates the need to book outside spaces for business meetings, and offers you the convenience of meeting from the comfort of your office, instead of driving across town to conduct business.

If you’re looking to purchase a conference table, then we can help!

At Direct Office Solutions, we furnish offices in Hollywood, FL, Broward, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Weston, Pompano Beach, and the surrounding areas with a range of new and used conference tables. With a team of experienced professionals with over 100+ years of combined expertise, we assist you in creating functional and attractive office spaces that meet your design and professional needs.

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