Corporate Relocation

Is your company relocating to a new location in South Florida?

This project can be a major hassle to oversee internally. Typically, a company’s relocation task force must work on corporate relocation while performing their regular duties. It might be the first time they’ve worked on a relocation project, or managed a project of this magnitude—involving personnel, furniture, real estate, transit, and more.

Direct Office Solutions can alleviate a lot of those stress sources for you. We’re not just an office furniture supplier; our specialists also provide a full roster of services to design, customize, plan, and install new office spaces from the ground up.

Our corporate relocation services entail working with your internal team from the start. Even if you haven’t signed on to a new lease yet—the earlier we’re part of your relocation plan, the better. We can start to get a sense of your company’s size, identity, and culture. We can get to know your key players and what kind of atmosphere you’d like to create for your staff.

Once you’ve identified your space, we can work with you on office design, space planning, furniture, project management, and more. We’ll create renderings of what your space can look like and help you find the perfect pieces (new or used) within your budget. We can also repurpose and refurbish pieces that you already have.

We know that corporate relocation is a big pain point for any company. But we are happy to make the process a little easier. We know that you’ll start getting excited about planning an environment where everyone is comfortable and highly motivated; where you can make the most of your square feet and natural light; where the office flow is designed to facilitate collaboration and productivity.

Not only will your relocation process go more smoothly, you’ll be delighted with the outcome.

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