Cosmo Systems

Cosmo is a versatile office furniture solution offering on-trend design and a full spectrum of privacy options. Flexibility is a hallmark of the Cosmo line. An integral part of any open office, Cosmo’s full range of stack-on panel heights and acoustical fabric tiles also afford discretion as required for more sensitive tasks.


Optional glass or acrylic trim mounted screens provide space division while allowing natural light creating a healthy and energy efficient work environment. Cosmo’s aluminum top caps, steel raceways, and metal to metal panel connections provide long lasting quality to stand up and support multiple reconfigurations. Cosmo is designed to the latest office furniture standards in form, material and function. Height adjustable work surfaces, panel-mounted shelves, accessory tiles and contemporary cable management including pop-up USBs, ensure a beautiful workspace with minimal visual distraction. Versatility in finishes, flexibility of configuration and quality of fit makes it a clear leader among its category peers.

  • Application: Open Plan / Private Office / Benching / Height Adjustable Tables / Reception Solutions
  • Privacy: Variable degrees of space division and functionality
  • On-trend Design: Finishes, modern look and product features
  • Flexibility: 135, 120 and 90° planning capability

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