Delivery & Installation

It’s time to see your vision come to life. Are you ready?

Nothing is quite as exciting as delivery day. Our team is committed to meeting deadlines and targeting our promised delivery dates, every time. You can rely on us to deliver every piece of furniture you’re ordered for your workplace, directly from our local warehouse.

But “delivery” doesn’t just mean dropping off a bunch of boxes at your door. Our white-glove delivery service includes complete installation. Each piece will be safely installed, exactly where you envisioned it. Items will be mounted, secured, and assembled. Furniture will be arranged exactly the way that it should be when you arrive for work. And all packing materials will be removed and disposed of, so that there isn’t any cleanup left behind our crew.

Our “delivery and installation” service means that, when we’re finished, you get to step directly into the concept you originally described to us—like bringing your vision to life.

On delivery day, a project manager or account executive you’ve been working with will also be available to oversee the process and ensure it’s done with the level of quality and care you’ve come to expect from Direct Office Solutions.

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