Is Your Office Prepared for the NEW NORMAL?

Convert Shared Space into Personal Space

Direct Office Solutions can help retrofit any workspace to increase the level of privacy and separation between employees. Let us help you use what you already have, making sure you’re using the health guidelines available now, to keep your employees safe. We have fully customizable free-standing partitions, dividers and other solutions to convert shared spaces into personal spaces, and support inter-office social distancing.

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The “NEW NORMAL” in the Workplace

We’re here for you in this difficult time of swift change and growing uncertainty. The immediate priority for businesses, universities and health organizations is to bring people back to work as quickly and safely as possible. We can all agree that earning a living and providing for ourselves and our families is crucial but that it shouldn’t come at the cost of our health and safety. This means that leaders and decision makers of organizations have a responsibility to rethink workplaces.

Lead the Way to a Safer Future

We’re all waiting for the storm to blow over, but we know that the global COVID-19 pandemic will change the workplace forever. The opportunity to make the office even better and safer than it was before the crisis is ahead of us. Let us show you how to create an environment that promotes safety and wellness by choosing from a variety of product solutions with easy-to-clean materials.

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