New and Refurbished Desks in Boca Raton, Hollywood FL, Palm Beach, Plantation FL, Pompano Beach, and Weston

Did you know that Direct Office Solutions has one of the largest central locations for new and used desks in the South Florida area? With over 60,000 square feet, you and your company will only need one location to find what you are looking for. From the start of your business to your upgrades and moves, we will be your one-stop office furniture supply store.

Desk Options

All employees need some sort of workstation. If your company is creating a plan to incorporate workstations into “hotdesking”, we can help direct you to what type of desks work for that function. Here is where a company as large as Direct Office Solutions can help in all your office desk needs. We have worked with almost every workplace theme and every budget. We have even worked with offices that have multiple themes for each department.

Desks in Boca Raton, Hollywood FL, Palm Beach, Plantation FL, Weston Here are some of the different desk options we can help you with:

  • Refurbished cubicles. Cubicles are made to withstand a lot that is thrown at them. And, the design of them is quite similar making them an easy fit for multiple different industries, company sizes and more. We have many options available and a large selection of used and refurbished cubicles.
  • Open planned systems. This is quite common with the hotdesking and modern office plans. There is no need for personalization, phones or storage. All that is needed is basically a flat space with adequate electronic connections. These types of desk environment tends to serve certain types of industries and companies differently. We’ll be happy to show you all the different open-planned desk options and let you decide if they are something you would like to pursue.
  • Veneer and laminate. Often used in single offices, these come in a multitude of different space, shape and configuration possibilities. With adequate storage space and areas to personalize, they are excellent choice for all levels of management and styles. Since they are popular throughout many different offices, refurbished options are often available.
  • Customized. Customized furniture is often used for special space requirements or purposes. Reception and security entry desks have special needs as do conference rooms and workstations.
  • Executive. Once a manager has reached a certain level, customized furniture reflects the appropriate status and position. Executive furniture can also be used to welcome a new associate to your organization.

Whether you are looking for one of the styles above or something entirely, different Direct Office Solutions will help clients in Boca Raton, Hollywood FL, Palm Beach, Plantation FL, Pompano Beach, and Weston get what they need.