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What does your office furniture say about your company? If you were to have a top applicant come in for an interview, what would be their first impression?  Are you representing yourself as the top choice for talent? A place that appreciates its employees, takes pride in their appearance and is organized? Or do you have scratched desks, files piled up and a corner where broken chairs go to die?

Office Furniture in Boca Raton, Broward, Pompano Beach, and Weston An applicant may be interested in your company and the position. But when they walk into your office for the first interview, their face may tell a different story. They may look at all the office furniture and get the impression that everything is “run down”, the company isn’t making money, or the comfort of employees isn’t valued. Who wants to sit in an uncomfortable chair for 8 hours? Walk by piles of paper gathering dust. The point of the interview is to see if the applicant has the right qualifications and is a good fit for your company. But it’s also a time for them to see if they can picture themselves working there. The best environments attract the best talent.

The same can be said for customers coming in. Older furniture and inorganization is not the right impression you want to give when you are promising someone top quality products and results. Your office furniture won’t be exactly screaming out “Innovation! Modern! In-demand!”. And please don’t let a customer sit in an uncomfortable chair that doesn’t keep its height, leans back too much or stained.

Your first impression to a potential client or applicant is a nonverbal and a visual insight to your office.  You won’t get to know what they think, and you won’t get to counter it. Saying something like “oh, we’re so busy we haven’t been able to refurnish yet” may cause more trouble and leave them thinking you’re too busy for their business or your employees are overworked leaving a bad first impression.

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