Aloft is height-adjustable benching that’s tailor-made for the open plan. Aloft combines the features and functionality of a bench system with the ergonomic health benefits of standing workstations. For teams that need dynamic benching, this thoughtfully designed platform rises – and lowers – to the occasion.


Open Plan Options

Aloft worksurfaces are offered at fixed height or fluid programmable motorized option and are designed to meet the latest ergonomic standards for maximum health benefit. Aloft offers multiple worksurface shapes to meet the needs different workstyles. Its height adjustable 120 degree worksurfaces maximize space and provide more room to work.  Additionally, privacy can be achieved at any height with screens that are mounted to Aloft’s worksurfaces.


Aloft’s under the worksurface lateral baskets and vertical belts keep the office neat while channeling cables to the worksurface.  The under-mount power can support up to four duplex outlets or combinations with two USBs per seat.  It’s return surfaces can receive power and data, creating multi-purpose work areas that allow users to find their most comfortable working position. Users will never be at a loss for their power needs in Aloft’s user-friendly responsive spaces.

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