Floor to Ceiling Glass and Melamine Office



  1. The average coefficient of insulation components is 32 to 43dB at frequencies from 125 to 4000 Hz.


  1. aerial structure of extruded aluminum alloy 50 S, special treatment for T-5 architecture.
  2.  Anti-vibration assembly with connecting elements.
  3. Polyvant innerchamer 5 inches
  4. Combustion retarder


  1. Melamine 5/8 Remove Polished
  2. 5 inches melamine
  3. Tapestry of different models and colors that provide a new style and decor.
  4. glass 1/4 inches template
  5. Polycarbonate 1/4 inches
  6. The door are matching with panels


  1. Aluminum is lightweight, strong and long lasting element, unlike the metal division, this will not corrode, ensuring its conservation over the years.
  2. The assembly is by connecting pieces that avoid the use of rivets, which allows us to reuse and adapt it to new areas as often as necessary, keeping a flawless finish.

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