Mila Chair

Mila makes ergonomics effortless with its automatic adjustment. Just sit down, and Mila does the work for you. Enjoy all-day support easily. Whether you choose an upholstered back or a mesh back (offered in 18 colors), Mila’s graceful aluminum accents pair perfectly. Beautifully sculpted aluminum fixed arms featuring soft-touch arm caps seamlessly frame Mila’s entire form, wrapping around the back and underneath the seat in one continuous piece. The arms are finished with smooth gray urethane arm pads for your comfort. With the mesh option, the back frame is also enveloped in coordinating gray soft coating.


  • 2020 ADEX Platinum Award Winner in Contract Furniture –Task Seating
  • Conference and executive seating
  • Weight-balanced control
  • Sculpted aluminum frame
  • Mesh or upholstered back
  • Warranted up to 300 lbs

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