Up Systems

This unique alternative office design system facilitates a wide range of applications and needs with elements such as 360° planning and zero panel creep. All together the Up system creates the ultimate hybrid of panelling and benching. Up’s small kit of components allows the system to be configured for any need, with low cost of ownership. Easily reconfigured, with stackable posts, non-handed parts and freestanding applications, Up is adaptable for all business requirements, both now and in the future. This forward-thinking design accounts for evolving environments and the needs of the people who work in them.


  • Application: Flexible post and beam solutions
  • 360°: Centre post and unique cantilever support for alternative office options
  • Space Saving: Eliminates panel creep / Small kit of parts
  • Privacy: Mobile screens add privacy to meeting areas and individual working spaces
  • Hybrid System: Flexible combination of panel system and benching

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