U Shape Screen Post Bracket – Clear

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Protective acrylic screen


  • Quickly retrofit an existing workspace
  • Provides separation and peace of mind when coming back to the office
  • Available lengths: 36.0”, 48.0”, 60.0”, and 72.0” (screens will be 3.375” shorter than worksurface)
  • Available heights: 24.0”, 30.0”, 36.0”*(*post bracket only) (height are measured from the top of worksurface to top of screen. Screens will be 0.75” shorter than nominal height shown for no gap and 4.0” gap versions. Screens will be 2.0” shorter than nominal height shown for 2.0” gap version)
  • Available depths: 24.0” and 30.0”
  • Available brackets:
    • Post bracket
    • Low profile bracket
    • Corner brackets are provided for U-shape configurations
  • Brackets are available in black, silver and white finish, the corner bracket finish matches the main bracket finish
  • Available screen styles: Clear and Frosted
  • Screen thickness:
    • Clear: 0.24”
    • Frosted: 0.22”
  • Available access opening:
    • No gap
    • 2.0” gap (post bracket only)
    • 4.0” gap access slot
  • Each size and style of screen comes with two brackets per section
  • Bracket attachment methods:
    • Post brackets will include adhesive and screw mounting hardware
    • Low profile bracket will include adhesive only
  • Minimum order requirements:
    • Standard screen sizes have NO minimum order qty
    • Custom orders will be assessed on a case-by- case basis depending on the size
  • UL 94 Certified
  • Rounded edges and corners for user safety.
  • Lead time 2-4 weeks, pending acrylic is available
  • Custom options available
  • Made of general purpose cast acrylic
  • Compatible with ESI products. See table on next page for breakout.
  • Warranty: 5 yr.

Cleaning/Care instructions
Clean with soap and water and a soft cloth, or non abrasive cleaners that do not contain ammonia.

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