Wave Reception Desk

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Wavy line reflecting strength and tranquillity of the dormant ocean — Wave reception desk stands out with is design. Simultaneously luxurious and professional character of this piece of furniture is emphasized by a white gloss of the worktop, glossy front and decorative aluminium bar. Modular construction allows creating customized configurations. Snail shaped reception helps to save space and at the same time provides functionality. An extended version of the desk can consist of several workstations whereas employing a low module with overhang top is a convenience for disabled customers. The characteristic form does not overwhelm the interior, but it attracts attention.


The outstanding traits of the WAVE include it’s vibrant and live colors in an abundant variety of burgundy, white, green, orange. Individual spaces are colorfully defined since the Wave’s ability to blend into any office space is unequivocal. A wide array of modular elements optimizes the flexibility of arrangements in all situations. The wave reception was created with both enormous and compact office spaces in mind. This brilliant design synchronizes its functionality and aesthetic properties.

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